Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Buncocky Episode 11: The Post Modern Film Bonanza

Yes, peoples, we are at episode eleven. This week we ponder the apocalypse and the possibility of popping a bone in the eye of doom. Then theres lots of film and music talk and even some book talk which may scare away the illiterates in the audience. We say post modern like 45 million times and manage to mention Jason Statham for the 75th episode in a row. POSSIBLY OUR BEST ONE YET.

You can get them by searching for Buncocky in the itunes store, or you can just listen here: http://www.switchpod.com/f66704.html?puser=none

We encourage and appreciate any and all feedback.

Regarding my lack of updating this shitpile, I am about to graduate from college and will have plenty of time to wax all philosophical and hypothetical for you all, but until then I'm going to busy doing shit that I'd rather not be doing. However, there is always Buncocky Cast: your rock in the choppy ocean.

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